While our mild steel tube remains one of our best selling products across our website and eBay stores, aluminium tube has many advantages which makes it more suitable than steel in a number of applications.

Aluminium displays unique benefits which have made it a terrifically popular material in a variety of industries from construction to the production of household goods. It is a non-ferrous metal which means it contains no iron and as a result it is far more lightweight than steel and it does not rust as ferrous metals do.

As steel rusts, reddish brown deposits form on the surface of the material which flake off and expose more of the metal to the factors that are causing it to corrode. Eventually, steel and other ferrous metals will succumb completely to corrosion unless they are protected and maintained with galvanising, paints or other treatments. Aluminium, on the other hand, produces a hard white substance when it corrodes and this substance actually protects the metal from corroding any further.

For demanding environments, including high moisture and marine environments, aluminium tube is a fantastic choice of material for railings, semi-permanent frames and other applications. It can be fabricated much in the same way as plastic with fantastic, long lasting results with great dimensional stability.

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Post By Marc