It’s time for another of our product spotlight blogs, and this week we’re taking a look at another of our most popular products across our website store and our eBay store – mild steel flat bar.

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that we champion mild steel as a highly effective material for a range of construction applications thanks to its resilience, versatility and longevity. Mild steel flat bar is no exception, and it is put to use in a number of industries – particularly in the construction of structures, frames, and trailers.

A high strength material that is also malleable thanks to the lower carbon content of the steel, mild steel bar combines the best in this material to make it perfect for a range of applications. It can easily be cut, drilled and welded on-site with the relevant welding equipment.

For use outside, mild steel needs to be protected against corrosion. It is a ferrous metal that will rust in environments where it is exposed to moisture or salt, but it can be protected with paint or galvanisation. The latter is a far more effective and long lasting solution to corrosion than the former, as the layer of zinc adhered to the metal with electrolysis hardens over time to protect the steel underneath.

For more information on our range of mild steel flat bar please visit our main website. For an instant on-screen quote for your order simply enter the dimensions of the flat bar you require along with the length.

Post By Marc