Anyone who has ever lived in the house for a year or two you will notice that it does not take long to accumulate useless or unused stuff. Usually this hoarding will lead to little more than a yearly cull in which some things will be simply thrown away and others will be kept, to be thrown away another year.

Upcycling is the third, often overlooked, option in which unused items that have outlived their usefulness, such as door fittings, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. can be converted into something that is not only usable, but genuinely practical.

1. Door Handles

Door handles are ideal for upcycling because they are generally of a uniform size and shape, and have the odd aesthetic feature, such as a border, to give them that little bit of extra character. Additionally old door handles tend to have something of a rustic look about them, adding to their aforementioned character; and if that isn't your thing then they can be easily painted; demonstrating their incredibly versatility.

2. Grills & Grates

With a tendency to be used around extreme heat, grills and grates often become worn and damaged in a relatively short space of time. Whether you have gotten one from an old car or you have replaced the one from your oven, these can be turned into exciting clip boards and other practical or decorative features with little more than a coat of paint, and some rope-ties. The misshapen rows of metal that inevitably make up the grill by this point only add to the overall aesthetic.

3. Bed Frames

Old metal bed frames are easily one of the most uncomfortable things to sleep on, so after finally being able to get rid of it you may not stop to think about what else you could do with it. Fortunately we have already found some great ideas for you, including turning your despised, old bed frame into a wall standing shelf of sorts; all you need to do is attach some baskets or other containers to the frame.

4. Kitchenware

Many metal kitchen utensils are now being passed over or replaced in favour of plastic ones, resulting in many sheds and lofts becoming the new home for poor old metal kitchen items, such as colanders. It seems like such a waste to leave these items to simply rust and be thrown away, especially when with a little bit of care and a dash of paint you can turn it into the perfect planter.

5: Tool Boxes

Long past their prime, many of the old metal tool boxes are no longer used to house tools, but have been humiliatingly degraded and now contain little more than scraps of oil covered cloth or random screws, nuts and bolts. Breathe new life into these rustic, chippy containers, by simply drilling a few holes into them or maybe painting them, and putting them to work as a charger box and cable tidy!

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