Durable, malleable and extremely recyclable, there are so many benefits to aluminium that we even made a blog post listing them a few months ago. Of course this is a material that’s pretty much omnipresent in our modern world; used in everything from computer frames to pipelines and even building material. But as you’ll see below, there’s plenty of ingenuity left in this non-ferrous metal that you can see firsthand if you’re the slightest bit inclined towards using tools. These 5 unique aluminium DIY project ideas will give you just the right amount of inspiration to make something truly noteworthy the next time you end up with a decent piece of scrap metal to work with.


#1 Drill Your Own Aluminium Sharpie
Sharpies, also known as magic markers or felt pens, are a standard office supply that are normally only sold in a form of cheap plastic – hardly worth keeping after they’ve run out. At least that’s what we thought until we stumpled upon this little video demonstration on how to make an aluminium sharpie. This little metal writing tool was made by Giaco Whatever; a YouTube channel that makes metalwork look like music-video material with its amazing photography and class A editing. It’s a must-watch for anyone who enjoys having their own personalized stationary.

#2 Make a Wi-Fi Extender from Aluminium Cans
If your Wi-Fi signal is just never as strong as you’d want it to be, then you may be able to solve the issue should you have a few aluminium cans knocking around the house. As showing in this step-by-step tutorial by The Chive, with just a few common household tools you can develop a homebrew Wi-Fi booster that really works. Now all that’s left is deciding what brand of food/beer would offer the most appropriate source of aluminium…

#3 Produce Solid Aluminium Ingots with a Homemade Metal Foundry
In his multi-part DIY series, Grant Thompson not only shows you how to create your own metal foundry using just a bucket and few pieces of charcoal, but in this follow-up he details how a collection of aluminum cans can be liquefied and made-ready for all kinds of casting goodness. The thriftiness of his tools and the fact he makes his aluminium slabs in cupcake trays is exactly what you’d expect from YouTube’s ‘King of Random’.

#4 Fashion Your Own Roof Tiles
Whether you or a family member/friend has a shed, kennel or chicken coop in need of desperate shielding from the elements, it’s possible to make a fully effective, water shedding roof from a few common soda and beer cans. With a few everyday tools including a circular saw and a hammer, this guide will detail every step in fashioning these high effective roofing shingles.

#5 Construct a DIY Solar Air Heater
Our final Aluminium DIY Project Idea once again relies on the abundant resource of soda cans. This one harks to the fact that aluminium is itself a prime material for solar panels, however this makeshift air heater is considerably cheaper to produce, and whilst it will require a lot of time and dedication, will ultimately reward with hot air in your home for when the outside rays just aren’t to your liking.

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