We recently blogged about our new aluminium chequer plate, and we have some more new sheet materials – this time in our mild steel section.

Hot rolled and cold rolled mild steel sheets are both terrifically versatile and formable materials which are suited to a range of applications. The differences between the materials chiefly lie in the way they are manufactured, and though the processes are very similar the results have some key differences.

Hot rolled steel results in sheets which are very uniform in size and highly formable. We stock hot rolled steel in pre-cut sheets which are easily cut to size on site to suit your particular project, and they are highly receptive to welding, drilling and other general purpose fabrication. Hot rolled steel is most commonly used for repair work, particularly in the automotive industry where it is used to repair tanks and chassis’.

Cold rolled steel is similarly uniform in thickness and is also highly receptive to fabrication, yet it displays greater strength than hot rolled steel due to the process used to extrude the sheets. It is an ideal material for repair work, and our pre-cut sheets may be trimmed, drilled and welded on site.

For more information on our hot and cold rolled mild steel sheets and to see the sizes of sheets we have available please visit our main website.

Post By Marc