Those of you with a keen eye will have seen a brand new category added to our site this week with the introduction of steel weld mesh to our site.

Useful for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects, we have weld mesh in 1” square and 2” square sizes and in galvanised and self-colour finishes.

The steel weld mesh we have in stock is electronically welded at each contact point, making it terrifically strong and suited to a number of high strength applications. It is often used to create protective cages and coverings such as impact or burglary screens for windows, cages for electronics or machine guards.

Outdoors, it can be used effectively in building catwalks, boxing in stairways and balustrading, or even as drain covers. Of course there are many more applications where weld mesh proves itself as a highly effective, strong and versatile material.

When using any steel product outdoors, corrosion resistance is key. Our weld mesh comes in two finishes, each of which offer a degree of rust prevention. Our self-colour steel mesh has a copper finish which helps to combat corrosion from atmospheric moisture and offers an attractive aesthetic.

Galvanised steel mesh delivers greater corrosion resistance, however it cannot be welded. The zinc which covers the steel creates a hard layer which is impervious to the corroding elements which makes steel rust, making this weld mesh the perfect choice for very demanding high moisture environments.

For more information on our steel weld mesh and the sizes of sheets we have to offer, please visit our main website. Once delivered it can be cut, welded and fabricated on site to suit your project.

Post By Marc