According to the WorldSteel Association, the global crude steel output in July 2013 was up by 2.7% compared to the same month in 2012. This trend of growth has continued through into 2014, with this July showing a 1.7% increase on last year.

China has shown itself, once again, to be the biggest contributor to global crude steel production; and there is no sign of it slowing down. This year Asia as a whole (including the Middle East) produced 94,807,000 tonnes of steel, of that 68,324,000 tonnes were produced in China; an increase of 1,027,000 tonnes on China's production in July 2013.

After China, the next biggest producer of Crude Steel was America, who produced 7,609,000 of steel in July 2014, followed by Russia, who produced 6,203,000 tonnes. China, America and Russia have all experienced reasonable growth since this time last year; having seen an increase of 1.5%, 2.3% and 8.1% respectively.

The European Union was the only area that saw a decrease in their steel production, in fact they produced over 150,000 tonnes less; a 2% reduction on last year's offerings. The three countries in the EU that produced significantly less crude steel than last year were Austria, Poland and Sweden; with Austria producing 29,000 tonnes less, Sweden 48,000 and Poland 105,000.

Even the UK saw a reduction on last year's crude steel production. In July 2013 the UK produced 1,011,000 tonnes of steel, where as July 2014 saw only 966,000 tonnes produced; a reduction of 4.4%. This is probably anomalous however, as since January the UK has actually seen a crude steel production growth of 5.9%, compared to the same 7-month period last year.

As a whole, in July 2104 the total amount of Crude Steel produced worldwide was 136,819,000 metric tonnes, a growth of 1.7% over last July's 134,529,000 tonnes.

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