What is Galvanneal?

Thursday, 21st of June 2018

Applying a thin metal barrier - or sacrificial coating - to a base material is a powerful form of protection against oxidation and other forms of corrosion. Galvanising is a common form of metal protection whereby iron or steel is coated with a zinc-plating

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The Difference Between Stainless Steel & Mild Steel

Monday, 21st of March 2016

Most people probably see the world built around them as being just a handful of different materials – metal, wood, plastic etc. But for anyone involved in construction or any kind of metallurgy, the difference between stainless steel and mild steel can be

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The Benefits of Using Mild Steel

Tuesday, 18th of August 2015

Whether you require it for construction or reinforcement, mild steel still stands tall as one of the best materials available. Cost-effective, hugely versatile and with big benefits for the planet, nearly every steel-based product makes use of this metal,

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What Factors Affect the Price of Aluminium?

Wednesday, 24th of June 2015

Aluminium is one of the most commonly used materials around the globe, being corrosion resistant, an excellent conductor of electricity and weighing only ⅓ of equivalent steel. Mostly used in transport, construction and packaging, aluminium is traded around

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Beginner's Guide to Polishing Aluminium

Wednesday, 11th of March 2015

Architecture, construction and metalwork as a whole are all as equally concerned about aesthetic value as they are about practicality and structural stability. It's why painting San Francisco's golden gate bridge is a constant maintenance job and why cast

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