Top 7 Best-Selling Mild Steel Products For Any Project

Friday, 29th of September 2023

Strong, versatile, highly workable: mild steel is by far one of the most desirable metal materials for commercial, domestic, industrial, DIY and home garden use. This affordable and adaptable melding of iron and carbon is particularly renowned for its ductility

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What Are Universal Beams & Universal Columns?

Friday, 30th of June 2023

When it comes to serious structural steel support and high load-bearing building construction, universal beams (UB) and universal columns (UC) are vital for your upcoming project. But these significant structural components aren't identical - or indeed interchangeable

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What's The Difference Between High Yield Steel & Mild Steel?

Friday, 31st of March 2023

Whatever industry you’re in, construction projects you’re undertaking or DIY jobs you’re trying to complete, metalworkers of every experience level need to know their high yield from their mild steel. When it comes to choosing different metals for practical,

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What Is The Rarest Metal On Earth?

Thursday, 29th of December 2022

Rarity is a term that is often overused and readily applied to many aspects of our everyday lives. However, the tangibly rare - that which we can touch, see and feel - exists not only in human experience but in the natural world around us.

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What Is ERW Steel Tube?

Friday, 30th of September 2022

If you're baffled by the 'ERW' initials of our popular steel products, Austen Knapman will guide you through the definitions and difference behind one of the most workable and reliable metal tubing materials out there.

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