Those of you who are regular visitors to our website will have noticed that we have added our first sheet metals this week, including aluminium chequer plate.

Perfect for outdoor applications including in demanding environments such as high moisture and marine areas, aluminium chequer plate provides a high-grip surface that will not suffer from the same damaging corrosion as steel.

When aluminium begins to corrode, a white powdery substance forms on its surface which actually protects the material from oxidising further. This is in stark contrast to steel which oxidises into rust, which falls away from the surface of the metal exposing more of it to the moisture and oxygen which causes the decay. The only immediate detriment to the oxidisation of aluminium is that it loses the shine which the material has when it is new.

In most applications where aluminium chequer plate is required, this lustre is not as important as the durability of the material. Chequer plate is particularly suited for use in areas of high foot traffic as a protective layer to protect roof waterproofing systems, paintwork or other surfaces which could be easily damaged.

Our aluminium chequer plate is available in pre-cut sheets and can be easily cut, drilled or fabricated on site. Simply choose the size and quantity of aluminium chequer plate sheets you require on our website to receive a free on-screen quote for your order!

Post By Marc