PFC, C-Section or U-Channels... Parallel Flange Channels are known by a number of different names that all describe a simply vital construction support essential. Identified by their strong and durable mild steel composition and characteristic curving flange shape and flat web, parallel flange channels are tough, versatile and workable enough to adapt to a wide range of different applications. So, if you're not already familiar with all the pros of PFCs, it's time for Austen Knapman to lay the foundations for this brilliant component for structural steel enhancement.

Available in a selection of lengths, legs, widths and thicknesses to suit your next job, Parallel Flange Channels have an array of professional industry uses, as well as small-scale home and hobbyist appeal.

Formed from mild steel - a low carbon content steel that's malleable, ductile and very easy to cut, drill and weld. Mild steel is a ferrous metal made up of a largely iron rich composition with small amounts of carbon added to make the metal both stronger and harder.

In summary, mild steel is the ultimate do-it-all material for most jobs. If you want to discover more about this exceptional metal, please read our blog: What's The Difference Between High Yield Steel & Mild Steel? giving you the lowdown on which mild steel variations will suit your exact requirements as well as all the crucial differences you need to bear in mind.

Although PFCs have garnered a reputation in structural steel enhancements, building fabrications, construction and edging applications, it's important to establish all the different ways structural channels are used in the construction industry. In our latest blog, Austen Knapman will pin-point many of the key ways in which Parallel Flange Channels can benefit your latest project.

What Are Parallel Flange Channels Used For?

Owing to their reliable, load bearing profile, PFCs are great for many different structural uses. These include:

  • Wall supports & floor beams
  • Floor levels including mezzanines
  • Windows & door frames
  • Wall structural work
  • Vehicle or trailer frames
  • Roofing applications
  • Landscaping projects
  • General/similar building fabrications

What We Offer...

Our Mild Steel Parallel Flange Channel is delivered cut-to-size to meet your project specifications. Simply input your required dimensions into our price calculator and receive an on-screen quote for your order. This versatile, tough, flexible and widely recyclable PFC option is great for working, cutting, drilling and welding. Available today for local delivery.

Choose a PFC length of your choice, as well as width options from 100mm - 200mm, legs from 50mm - 90mm and thicknesses from 8.5mm - 14mm. You can also select a quantity of Mild Steel Parallel Flange Channel to suit the needs of your project.

Post By Ed Mason