Strong, versatile, highly workable: mild steel is by far one of the most desirable metal materials for commercial, domestic, industrial, DIY and home garden use. This affordable and adaptable melding of iron and carbon is particularly renowned for its ductility - making it not only weldable but easy to cut, drill and forge according to your exact specifications. But that's not all...

Mild steel is known for its workability and also for the multitude of exceptionally practical products that are able to be rendered from this fantastic ferrous metal. From round, square, flat and T-bar to rolled sheet, universal beams and columns, mild steel is a brilliant foundation for many materials that are useful in the construction and engineering world, all the way down to everyday DIY, decorative artwork and gardening.

Often preferable to other forms of steel owing to its relatively low carbon composition - which maintains strength but also makes it more ductile and easy to work with - it's simple to see why mild steel materials are surging in popularity. If you still have burning questions about what makes mild steel different to similar forms of carbon steel, we recommend casting your eye over: What's The Difference Between High Yield Steel & Mild Steel? in our blog section.

But if you're well up to speed with the compositional details of mild steel, it's time to let you in on our unmissable range of popular, cut-to-size mild steel products. Whether your project is big or small, simply input your measurements online and we'll provide an instant price, allowing you to buy only the materials you need.

In our latest blog, Austen Knapman will guide you through the best-selling mild steel products on offer, all handpicked according to their popularity with our very own loyal customers and all expertly chosen by us to meet the demands of any professional job or everyday application. Choose the length, diameter and quantity of your choice and we'll send your order straight to your door...

Mild Steel Round Bar

Our iron grade 43a steel round bar is perfect for a wide range of uses, particularly in the construction industry due to its brilliant strength and formability. Strong and durable yet highly workable and easy to work, drill, cut to size and weld, mild steel round bar is our most popular mild steel product and a favoured material for building frames, structures and even garden plant supports as seen on Gardener's World.

Mild Steel Angle

Our L-section bar is suitable for the construction of fences or trailers and is often used as a fence post, in shelving projects, as a bracket, in vehicle making and so much more thanks to its sturdy design. Popular in a huge number of industries: from the manufacturing of domestic appliances to agriculture and the heavy machinery industry.

Mild Steel Box Section

Characterised by its square hollow section that's ideally suited to the construction of lightweight frames, structural projects, security, fabrication and transport. Mild steel box section has an incredibly rigid shape that makes it extremely resistant to bending and splitting. Available in A & B lengths, thickness and the quantity of your choice. 

Mild Steel Flat Bar

Another popular mild steel choice for constructing frames, trailers and many more high strength structures in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. Mild Steel Flat Bar is an incredibly versatile steel strip that can be used for everything from gate latches to tools and support braces. It can also be used for a range of decorative and artistic projects such as sculptures and modern decor.

Mild Steel Pressed Steel Channel

Formed into a strong, rigid structure, Mild Steel Pressed Steel Channel is ideal for a number of structure-enhancing and edging projects, providing a durable, reliable and long-lasting finish. Our steel channels can be used with I-beams and also serve as girts, joists, studs and braces. You'll also benefit from all the highly workable benefits of mild steel that make pressed steel channel so versatile and practical in many different applications.

Mild Steel Tube

A construction, furniture and framework must-have. Mild Steel Tube is an iconic iron grade 43a hollow steel tube that is incredibly workable, highly malleable and easy to machine and handle. Whether you're about to embark on an industrial, architectural, structural or DIY job, mild steel tube can adapt to a range of applications and project requirements. Like all our mild steel products, it's widely recyclable as well.

Mild Steel Square Bar

Square bar, or box bar as it's alternatively known, is a multi-purpose, high strength square-shaped metal bar that's great for frame building, trailer building, repairs and even fencing applications. Highly durable and rigid yet easy to work, drill, cut and weld, you'll be able to use this mild steel essential for a huge number of uses in construction, structural and home DIY settings.

Post By Ed Mason