It continues to be one of our best sellers on our cut to size metal website and on our eBay store, so this week we’re blogging about our mild steel box section.

This material finds a use in a number of industries – particularly construction and in general fabrications. Its success lies in its combination of the durability of mild steel with the strength of the box section shape which results in a very versatile material.

Regularly used in the construction of frames, semi-permanent structures and roll cages amongst many other things, mild steel box section is highly receptive to welding, cutting, drilling and general purpose fabrication. The higher carbon content of mild steel makes it more malleable and easier to form, which is one of the key reasons mild steel is used in construction all over the world.

Of course, mild steel must be prepared before it can be effectively used outdoors or in demanding high moisture and marine environments. If left unprotected, oxygen and moisture react with the iron in the steel, causing it to oxidise and form a flaky red substance commonly known as ‘rust’. This oxidisation comes away from the surface of the metal, exposing more of it to the environment which is causing it to oxidise. This process will continue until all of the material has oxidised, leaving it weakened and decayed.

To protect a frame made from mild steel box section from rust it can be galvanised, a process which uses electrolysis to create a layer of zinc on the outside of the steel. Alternatively there are galvanising paints and sprays which are available to protect the material from oxidisation. Of course the latter method of galvanising steel is not recommended if the metal is to be placed in a marine environment. Any flaw or defect in the painted layer will allow oxidisation to begin and the surrounding galvanising will be compromised.

If properly constructed and protected, mild steel box section can be used in a huge variety of applications where its strength and resilience will be effectively employed.

Our mild steel box section is sold cut to size to suit your requirements – simply select the dimensions of the box section you require and input the length you need into our website to receive an instant on-screen quote for your order!

Post By Marc