Steel and other metals have always been used in construction but mainly as a solid base. It’s always been a material that has been seen as reliable and strong, but never really one that can be used well for design. However, now things are changing and metal is having its day; no longer is it a material to be hidden away – now is the time to get innovative and creative.

We only have to look to the London 2012 Olympics to see how metal can be used to great effect. The Copper Box was one of the great successes of the Games, with its copper-like outer attracting admiring glances from miles around and being one of the most popular venues. While this is perhaps an extreme example, it’s clear that the imagination can run free when it comes architecture and design with metallic materials.

Other companies have helped push the design boundaries further, with Nova Metals being one of the industry leaders in determining what is possible. They specialise in perforated metals and mesh materials that are flexible enough for creating interesting and eye-catching designs used in a variety of structures. Their Alphamesh has been particularly widely used and adapted by designers around the world to create a stunning image.

With all of this in mind and the inspiration there, it is possible for individuals and companies to explore and push the boundaries in terms of what is possible. Cut to size aluminium and steel lends itself to the more imaginative as you can choose which dimensions you need for creating a particular design or structure. And as metals are used more, the stock market is only going to improve as sales increase, boosting the industry as a whole.

Post By Daniel