Metal is a very broad term which a large amount of elements fall under; some are strong and sturdy, others soft and porous and two are even liquid, at room temperature. There are a great many metals, and almost countless alloys, all of which can be put to work for any number of purposes; whether that purpose be construction, transport, industrial, infrastructural, or even artistic.

The Birmingham Bull

Modelled on a Hereford Bull, the Birmingham Bull is one of the largest bronze statues in the UK, and has become something of a mascot for Birmingham as a whole. The sculpture of the Bull was designed by Laurence Broderick, and is 4.5 meters long, 2.2 meters high and weighs a rather hefty 6.5 tonnes.

Celebration Balloon Dogs

Made by an American artist named Jeff Koons, the Celebration Balloon Dogs are a collection of large sculptures of dogs done in their balloon animal form. If this does not sound impressive enough as it is, the dogs were made from stainless steel, painted in bright colours and given a mirrored finish. What's more, each dog stood at over 10 feet tall!

Comb of the Wind

Installed in 1977, the Comb of the Wind is actually made up of 3 steel sculptures, which were installed at La Concha Bay, in San Sebastian,on the Bay of Biscay. The three sculptures work together, and with their natural surroundings, to create a stunning visual effect. The sculpture was created by Eduardo Chillida, a Spanish artist, who actually hailed from San Sebastian. He considered the Comb to be his Masterpiece.

The Angel of the North

Located in Gateshead the Angel of the North was designed by Antony Gormley, and took 4 years and £1 million to construct. The whole sculpture weighs a little over 200 tonnes and it is kept firmly in place by 70ft of concrete; which weighs around 600 tonnes. The Angel stands at a height of 20 meters(65.5ft), and has a wing span of 54 meters (177ft).

The Bronze David

Created by an Italian Renaissance sculptor named Donatello some time in the 1440's, the Bronze David depicts a nude David posing with Goliath's sword in hand, and his helmet under foot. The sculpture was the first ever bronze statue to stand unsupported, and was also the first free-standing nude sculpture made since well before the 4th century AD

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