The Aluminium Federation has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and as a little celebration, they put together a list of fifty ways aluminium has changed the world for a better. It’s something we take for granted but it has allowed us to develop at a staggering rate.

Here’s the list in full, in no particular order:

Numbers 1 – 10

  1. Aluminium cans – light, strong and good for printing on, they have now overtaken steel as the material of choice. And they can be recycled so are good for the environment too.
  2. Thermal blankets – whether it’s used after marathons or after disasters, these blankets have become commonplace.
  3. Rocket fuel – aluminium powder is sometimes used to launch rockets into space.
  4. Offshore rigs – the unique contrasting properties of aluminium make it perfect for these structures.
  5. Construction – used for hundreds of years, this metal will stand the test of time.
  6. Modern industry – in 1886 the modern method of producing the metal was discovered and it revolutionised the industry, producing the mass market of today.
  7. Stage production
  8. Clothing
  9. Prefabs (post World War II)
  10. Prosthetic limbs – for over 100 years, the metal has been used to produce prosthetics for people born with disabilities or that have been involved in accidents.
Numbers 11 – 20
  1. Horse shoes – aluminium’s lightweight properties shine through again. With race horses every pound counts so their shoes are made with the metal.
  2. Climbing
  3. Ambitious building projects and structures
  4. Push scooters
  5. Guitars – although not common practice, some guitars in the 1970s were produced with aluminium necks.
  6. Statues and casting
  7. Machinery and mechanical equipment – particularly useful for heavy farm machinery, the metal has many useful properties here too.
  8. Monuments – because it weathers well, it is sometimes used for outdoor monuments and memorials.
  9. Aeroplanes – used more and more in this industry, the Airbus A380 contains up to 60% aluminium.
  10. Army vehicles
Numbers 21 – 30
  1. Stadiums – the iconic new building at Lords cricket ground is made completely of the metal.
  2. Wedding anniversary – aluminium celebrates the 10th anniversary.
  3. Cricket bats – briefly!
  4. Telescopes
  5. Suitcases – again for its lightweight properties
  6. Heat protection clothes
  7. Ships – in one way or another, aluminium has been used in many ocean liners.
  8. Wheelchairs – because they need to be as lightweight but as sturdy as possible, this metal is perfect for wheelchairs.
  9. Metallic finishes – such as paint and nail varnish.
  10. Laptop casings
Numbers 31 – 40
  1. Special moments – in 2012, aluminium was used to make the Olympic Torch.
  2. Blister packs – used for paracetamol and other tablets.
  3. Dosimeters – devices to detect radiation levels, extremely important for those in the industry.
  4. Alloy wheels
  5. Outdoor facia panels
  6. Horse drawn carriages – used mainly for carriages for sporting events.
  7. Cars – increasingly, more and more parts of cars are made from aluminium in the quest to shed weight.
  8. Inner workings and mechanical parts of planes
  9. Exoskeletons
  10. Quantum clocks – far more accurate at keeping time.
Numbers 41 – 50
  1. Aluminium bottles – for the same reason as cans.
  2. Heat exchangers and thermal conducting
  3. Frames and powder coating – used in construction to improve the aesthetic appearance of buildings.
  4. Stockbridge dampers – used on power lines to remove the stress on the line.
  5. Memorials – often aluminium from a relevant object is recycled to create memorials.
  6. Road signs
  7. Scaffolding and ladders
  8. Printing – aluminium plates are used to produce a high quality print.
  9. Food wrappers
  10. Ancient discoveries – mysterious!

Post By Daniel