If you're baffled by the 'ERW' initials of our popular steel products, Austen Knapman will guide you through the definitions and difference behind one of the most workable and reliable metal tubing materials out there.

What Is ERW Steel Tube?

ERW, or Electric Resistance Welded steel, refers to the manufacturing method whereby Round E.R.W Steel Tube, or Electric Resistance Welded Steel Pipe has its steel edges melted and welded to form a consistent cylindrical shape. Heat and pressure are combined to join the steel sheet to give you a very lightweight and easy to work with tubing for an array of engineering and construction requirements from fencing to scaffolding. It can even be used in domestic or commercial settings for a vast array of possibilities.

The end product exists between welded steel pipes and seamless materials and is therefore smooth and more consistent in surface texture without an obvious weld seam. You'll get a really consistent edge that's easily formed, durable and easy to work, weld, cut to size and drill.

What's The Difference Between ERW Steel & Seamless Steel?

You may be wondering, if ERW steel and seamless steel are both without an obvious seam, what's the difference? Whereas seamless tubes are formed through rolling an entire piece of metal to create a seamless finish, electric resistance welded tubes are instead welded along the seam, to create your finished piece of tubing.

  • ERW is also more affordable to manufacture than seamless alternatives, without there being a significant deficit in quality.
  • Both seamless and ERW options are similarly robust, reliable and long-lasting.
  • ERW is more practical and can be cut to size at Austen Knapman to whatever dimensions you require.
  • ERW tubes also don't have to be circular, as our Square E.R.W Steel Box proves.

What Do Austen Knapman Offer?

Round E.R.W Steel Tube

Round steel tube is a brilliant choice of material, widely used in construction of reliable and lightweight space frames and other semi-temporary structures. Simply input the dimensions of the tube you require into our price calculator to receive a free instant quote for your order.

Square E.R.W Steel Box

Our Square E.R.W Steel Box is used in the construction of space frames and strong yet lightweight structures such as kit car chassis. In general construction and fabrications it's used for transport, security grates, fences, cabinets, floor supports and many other commercial and domestic uses.

Our square ERW box is also delivered pre-cut to your exact dimensions.

Is ERW Steel Recyclable?

When you buy ERW Steel from Austen Knapman, you can rest assured that your metal box or tubing can be widely recycled. Additionally, by ordering your ERW steel cut-to-size, you're ensuring that you get the exact materials you need with fewer off-cuts and lower wastage.

Our ERW products also come with a lower carbon content. This means that it costs less to produce and makes it more malleable to work with and less prone to corrosion which helps the steel production industry transition towards a greener future.

Post By Ed Mason