Try to imagine our modern industrial world without steel flat bars, and you’ll certainly struggle. Cost-effective to produce, remarkably versatile and widely recycled (mild steel in particular), these thin, flat products are the cornerstone of construction thanks to their low carbon content and very serviceable strength. To give you an idea of how prevalent this cut to size metal is in your local surrounding, urban or rural, we present these major 5 uses for steel flat bars:


#1 Frame Construction
Mild steel makes up the majority of building frames, and likewise you will also find that easily cut, drilled and welded steel flat bars play a considerable role. Since the parts can be pre-fabricated at the factory stage or bought as ready-made sections (such as plate girders and angles), a good chunk of the work is done before the materials even reach the construction site; helping to cut down on building time overall. As with all steel structures, the viability of all joining techniques - from bolting to riveting – means that flat steel bars can be made to take any desired shape or clad with any desired material.

#2 Renewable Energy
Steel has always been one of the prime materials of choice for the energy industry, but as humanity as a whole pushes for more Earth friendly forms of power to take on the perils of climate change, this metal will be more essential than ever. Steel flat bars, which have in the past have provided infrastructure for everything from refineries to pressure valves, now provide the foundation within tower structures and concrete-reinforcing bars for foundations within turbines, water gates their generators.

#3 Major Works
The general term for large-scale projects designed to either extend or improve the life of the building, major works yet again see steel flat bars taking centre stage. Essential for ensuring a structure remains safe for domestic, commercial and industrial use, because flat steel bars can be easily formed it’s not hard at all to create, replace and reinforce parts of a structure in serious need of an overhaul. In fact, mild steel is very reworkable even once already used, adding an extra level of recycling potential to the rebuilding project.

#4 Home Appliances
From latches to overhead doors and heaters, flat steel bars have a familiar place in the home. Refrigerators, chest freezers, microwave ovens, washing machines and extractor hoods are just a handful of the everyday items that benefit from mild steel’s versatility and strength. In order to make these products both safe and reliable, the metal is given a serious of coatings and surface treatments, which help the appliance for years to come.

#5 Ornamental Pieces
While they’re certainly less practical than the other items in this list, the abundance of art, décor and talking pieces that can be made with just a few well chosen flat steel bars is limitless. From highly original sculpture pieces to shelving units with a distinctly modern feel, the malleability and workable form of flat steel bars makes them a highly useful item on any interior artist’s palette.

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